Re: [xml] URIEncoding


On Sat, Jun 22, 2002 at 12:04:38PM +0200, Sebastian Böhm wrote:
<a href="javascript: if (a < b) do()">do</a>
Is is possible with the current Version of libxml to procude such a line ?
When no, then it is not usable for xslt.

  Well what you show here is againts the requirements for HTML and XML

maybe, but this is a very very common practice. 
Netscape4.x refuses to execute javascript like this:
<a href="javascript:%20if%20(%20a%20&lt;%20b)%20do();">do</a>

Can you tell me how I have to write it, so that NS4 can work with that ?
Even if I cut all the spaces:
<a href="javascript:if(a&lt;b)do();">do</a>
NS4 still does not exucute the javascript. (syntax error)

why this is so ?

  Point me to the part of the specification you think libxml2 
violate, then I may change my mind, so far I think you're in error !

Maybe libxml2 does not violate HTML, but I think I should have the control of
the output, when I want to violate then I should be able to do this. For XML
this is not neccessary, but for HTML I think it is.  
Have you ever seen a Webbrowser (with a market share more than 0.01%) which
behaves correctly to the HTML specification ?
Maybe that what I want violates W3C-HTML, but now it violates reality.

Why should it be impossible to produce such HTML. ( For XALAN/XERCES, SAXON or
MSXML3 this is the normal behavior)

I can understand you when you want to be stricly on the spec. I do not develop
libxml , I use it , and from the users perspective I can tell you, that it
would be very nice have controll of the encoding of the src and href attrs.

Thank you

Sebastian Böhm

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