Re: [xml] adding new nodes at a specific place

On 17 Jun 2002 09:17:31 +0200
Jens Askengren <jens askengren tim se> wrote:

fre 2002-06-14 klockan 23.22 skrev Marcus vA:

  <johndoe attr="3">

  <tingletangle attr="anotherattr">
   <anoth_node tofu="moretofu">...</anoth_node>

Now I want to add a new <johndoe> - node between 
the last <johndoe> (here with the id 3) and <tingletangle>.

Find  <tingletangle> (using xpath for example).
Then you can insert the new node using xmlAddPrevSibling().

Thanks, that is, what I needed.


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