[xml] URIEncoding


after upgrading to libxml 2.4.22, my webapp refused to work.

somthing changed in the behavior of encoding href="" and src="" when do
htmlDocDump (HTMLtree.c).

in my stylesheet I habe a line : 
<a href="javascript: if (a &lt; b) do()">do</a>

which gives in the output-document : 
<a href="javascript:%20if%20(%20a%20&lt;%20b)%20do();">do</a>

but it should be:
<a href="javascript: if (a < b) do()">do</a>
Is is possible with the current Version of libxml to procude such a line ?
When no, then it is not usable for xslt.

why this is so ?

I dont think that this is correct. I think the application should encode the
url  corretly not the xml/xslt.
Also how to produce a '<' in the output document ?
Normaly a '&lt;' should give a '<' in the output-document, when I want a
'&lt;' in the output-document, I should have to write '&amp;lt;' in the

I patched libxml2/HTMLtree.c for myself to get around meanwhile.

Thank you for your help

Sebastian Böhm

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