[xml] xmlParseFile


I am need of some help using libxml2.

I have a program that calls xmlParseFile("/users/signorel/config.xml").
/users/signorel/config.xml is a well formed and valid XML document.

My program repeatedly calls xmlParseFile, modifies the document, saves it,
calls xmlParseFile again etc.

The program works fine for hours at a time and then fails. When it fails,
I see the message:

warning: failed to load external entity

and xmlParseFile returns NULL.

I need some way to know why libxml2 failed to load the file. After
the warning, the file is still well formed and valid according to xmllint.
If I restart
my program, it works fine again for a few hours.

Any ideas on how to debug this problem or help on how to get
more information from libxml2 would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

Frank L. Signorelli               <mailto:f signorelli telesciences com>
Employee S.M.T.S                  Telesciences, Inc.
Telephone: +1.856.866.1000 x3207  2000 Midlantic Drive
                                  Suite 410
                                  Mt Laurel, NJ 08054

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