[xml] schema and php again

it's me again

thanks to the _private member (just added it by myself for the time
being), i was able to get schemas-support in php running. But, i have one
big problem. It just validates as true the second time i hit it (as apache
module). If i run it, from the command line, it always returns false.

I took the code from testSchemas.c to implement the stuff and there it
works always. I'm aware, that you don't know much about php, but i put the
relevant parts of the code to http://trash.chregu.tv/schemaphp.txt, maybe
someone sees the error I made. (php/apache will somehow somewhere
something keep in memory, which makes it validating in the second turn).

the whole ext/domxml code can also be seen at:


Any hints are very welcome.


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