[xml] adding new nodes at a specific place


just another question, which I could not resolve. I parse a file and 
want to add a new node at a specific place. The file looks like this:

  <johndoe attr="1">
    <foobar with_attr="first">...</foobar>
    <foobar with_attr="second">...</foobar>
  <johndoe attr="2">
    <foobar with_attr="first">...</foobar>
    <foobat with_attr="second">...</foobar>
  <johndoe attr="3">

  <tingletangle attr="anotherattr">
   <anoth_node tofu="moretofu">...</anoth_node>

Now I want to add a new <johndoe> - node between 
the last <johndoe> (here with the id 3) and <tingletangle>.

I could not get a possible solution for this. The only one which I got,
was to get the last <johndoe>, and add a new one in it, at the end of the 
last <johndoe>. But it has to be necessary, that the new <johndoe> - node
is between those both, because another parsing automatically will get the
sum of all childnodes of the rootnode, which are called <johndoe>. If the added
<johndoe> - node is added in another one, the parsing routine will not get the correct
sum. Is there any possibility to realize this? 


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