Re: [xml] Libxml in MacOS.

Hi Brack,
 Thanks for your help, I am providing details which
would help you to understand my problem  better.   
 Version - libxml2-2.4.12 .
 Behaves badly - After parsing, all the items in the
Main menu such as File, Edit, etc. becomes blank,  at
the same time, the corresponding action for a menu
item is performed when I click at the appropriate
position. For example, I could get a file dialog by
clicking at the second row of file menu (Open File).
Icons and texts in the palette and Dialogs getting
misplaced, failing to redraw the window when a dialog
is closed.

 When I used Libxml alone in developing a standalone
application, it worked perfect. but i couldn't figure
out how Libxml affects Quark when integrated with it.
Should I make any changes  in the project settings
when generating libxml2.PPC.Lib from source code in
order to smoothly integrate with Quark.

Note: Plugins in Quark are called Xtensions, Xtensions
are coded in C and are compiled in CodeWarrior to
create a shared library for Mac.


--- "William M. Brack" <wbrack mmm com hk> wrote:
Hi -

 Now my problem is, Whenever I  call xmlParseFile
xmlParseMemory or xmlParseDTD, the file gets
but after that Quark starts behaving badly, but
function xmlNewDoc("1.0"), doesn't cause any

 I guess Libxml is causing some memory management
problem. Any suggestions in this regard will be

Well, we would like to help, but you are making it a
little difficult.
Which version
of the xml library are you using?  What does "starts
behaving badly" mean?
do you "guess" there is some "memory management"

At this point, the only suggestion I could offer is
that very large amounts
of effort
have gone into the design and load testing of libxml
to assure that memory
management is done properly.  Of course, we are
always ready to accept that
the code is not perfect, but nothing can be done
with the information you


Bill Brack

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