Re: [xml] UTF-8 issue

Hi, All
I am a newbie of libxml2, I was confused by UTF-8.
I use notepad to create a UTF-8 file, which included one Chinese Char.
When I use Hexedit to see it that is "e5 88 98", I can use
Mozilla(choosing UTF-8) to see it. But I read this Char from a file and
save it into a XML file, this Char becomes &#x5218, I can not use
Mozilla to display this Chinese Char. When is the problem?
Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,
  Arden Liu

This type of posting is very difficult to answer.  The first three
sentences I can understand without problem.  However, your next sentence
(about reading and saving a file) is not clear.  Was this using some
routines from libxml2?  Using your own program?  Using an operating system
utility program?

I suspect your problems are totally unrelated to libxml2.  This is because
the UTF8 data you mentioned is the the representation of the chinese
character "Liu" (your surname), and the value you say it becomes (&#x5218)
is the Unicode-16 (UTF16) representation of the same character ("Liu"). 
To the best of my knowledge, there is no place within libxml2 which would
do such a conversion.


W. Brack

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