RE: [xml] catalogs, include and import

On Fri, 2002-07-26 at 06:15, Igor Zlatkovic wrote:
If you start your
program in C:\prog, then the current directory is C:\prog and the
current drive is C:. Libxml should in that case select
C:\etc\xml\catalog as the default place and if it does not do this, then
it has a bug which cries for fixing.

I think this would be fine; a lot less surprising than "current

If libxml will do something with xmlCatalogAdd() in the absence of a
super catalog (as Daniel and William have been talking about, a good
idea, IMHO), then it becomes a little less important where the super
catalog is.

I certainly don't want to windows-ize libxml, I just want to use it on
Windows. MSXML is, after all, not portable, is COM based, is
proprietary, etc.



Michael Rothwell
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