Re: [xml] UTF-8 issue

On Fri, 2002-07-26 at 08:40, Liu Arden-QCH1547 wrote:
Hi, All
I am a newbie of libxml2, I was confused by UTF-8.
I use notepad to create a UTF-8 file, which included one Chinese Char.
When I use Hexedit to see it that is "e5 88 98", I can use Mozilla(choosing UTF-8) to see it.
But I read this Char from a file and save it into a XML file, this Char becomes &#x5218, I can not use 
Mozilla to display this Chinese Char.
When is the problem?

I made a file with this html 


and mozilla does show a chinese char (see attachment) for me. I don't
even need to select UTF-8 for it to show

Are you perhaps missing the final ; in &#x5218; ?


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