[xml] validateing errors with libxml2


i've got a question - since linking against the new libxml2 i got errors
validating the document. Below the output messages (the line numbers have 
changed). For me the content of that DTD seems to be in the right format.
Validateing the same document with two other Programms prints out no error
messages either. Everything work fine when I compile and link the
against libxml1.8.x

Any suggestions what I am doing wrong?

output message1:

error parsing file '/home/afpNewsML/journal/pld/index.xml'
http://www.afp.com/dtd/nitf-2-5.dtd:57: error: EntityValue: PEReferences
forbidden in internal subset

DTD content1:

<!ENTITY % common-attributes '
        class   NMTOKENS                                        #IMPLIED
        style   CDATA                                   #IMPLIED
        lang    NMTOKEN
        dir     (ltr | rtl)                                     #IMPLIED


output message2:

http://www.afp.com/dtd/nitf-2-5.dtd:513: error: '(' required to start
ATTLIST enumeration
        lede            %boolean;       #IMPLIED


DTD content2:
<!ELEMENT block ((%block.head;)?, (%block.content;)*, (%block.end;)?)>
<!ATTLIST block %common-attributes;>
<!ELEMENT p (%enriched-text;)*>
        lede            %boolean;       #IMPLIED
        summary         %boolean;       #IMPLIED
        optional-text   %boolean;       #IMPLIED

Greetings Michael

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