[xml] xmlNodeGetContent() completely recursive?


i'm looking for the most suitable way to retrieve the content of element
and per the docs, xmlNodeGetContent() seems to be exact what i need.

  Read the value of a node, this can be either the text carried directly
  by this node if it's a TEXT node or the aggregate string of the values
  carried by this node child's (TEXT and ENTITY_REF).
  Entity references are substitued.

But there's one problem: The behavior of xmlNodeGetContent()  is
"completely" recursiv,
that is, it aggregates not only the child (TEXT and ENTITY_REF) nodes but
also the
grandchild nodes, the grand-grandchild nodes etc.
So, if i call xmlNodeGetContent() on a root element, i'll get an aggregation
of all TEXT
nodes enclosed by the document.
Well, i think this behavior is "by design", but is there a similar method
that provides
only the aggregation of the 1st generation (TEXT-  and ENTITY_REF-) child
nodes of a given node?

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