[xml] Schema for xml;ebcdic for xml


First at all: thanks for libxml.

Are there any definive plans for Schema?

Something else:
I am using 2.2.3 on MVS. (I spent some effort to enable it for ebcdic. It is not
finished, but the delivered document rec-..., which is 150 K of size, works
well. I even managed to make it accessible for PL/1. cobol can follow easily,
but is not yet planned.)

Here are my experiences: (You can finish this mail here if you are not

- The MVS is on an z900 with 9 processors and 7 GB memory. Both the MVS and
linux (on a notebook, 256 MB, 750 MHz) need nearly the same CPU-time parsing the
same xml.
- The http- and ftp-access was not implemented.
- The internal codepage was left to UTF-8. Parsing ascii files works as well.
- HTML was not tested.
- The SAX-interface was tricky, for ASCII-data comes out as ebcdic in the rigth
- If you use code page translation of a transport software (like MQSeries) you
are occasionally busted. At least the encoding information is perverted and
- In ebcdic you cannot compare from 'A' to 'Z' (or 'a' to 'z'), for the letters
are not in a row.
- I am working on the permission to offer the sources to anybody interested.

Best regards

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