Re: [xml] libxml2 trouble with GCC 3.0

I'm having trouble again with libxml2 and GCC 3.0.  'make check' fails
with the attached stderr messages.

I reported this a few weeks ago when I'm using a GCC 3.0 snapshot.  Now
that GCC 3.0 has been released, I'm reporting it again.

It may very well be a bug in my environment [stock Red Hat 7.0 + stock
GCC 3.0 on an AMD machine.]  But I'm hoping someone on the list have a
solution to the problem.

Sorry for the slow reply - I had to download GCC3.0 and install... Nope -
it's not anything wrong with your setup.  The first failure occurs in uri.c,
line 1731:-

xmlParseURIReference(xmlURIPtr uri, const char *str) {
    int ret;
    const char *tmp = str;
Apparently GCC 3.0 doesn't like the "const char *var = param;" declaration,
so it leaves the variable tmp with a value of 0 (null string).  Give me a
little time to consider whose "fault" this is (GCC or libxml), and to decide
what we can do about it.

Bill Brack
ABC QuickSilver
Hong Kong

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