[xml] libxml2 trouble with GCC 3.0


[An earlier message to the same effect was rejected by the mailing list
because I was attaching both the stdout and the stderr of make check,
not realizing that the stdout log is close to 1M in size.]

I'm having trouble again with libxml2 and GCC 3.0.  'make check' fails
with the attached stderr messages.

I reported this a few weeks ago when I'm using a GCC 3.0 snapshot.  Now
that GCC 3.0 has been released, I'm reporting it again.

It may very well be a bug in my environment [stock Red Hat 7.0 + stock
GCC 3.0 on an AMD machine.]  But I'm hoping someone on the list have a
solution to the problem.

Weiqi Gao
weiqigao networkusa net

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