Re: [xml] Schema for xml;ebcdic for xml

On Fri, Jun 22, 2001 at 02:28:07PM +0200, Martin Volbers gad de wrote:

First at all: thanks for libxml.

Are there any definive plans for Schema?

  I would like to say yes, but I can't in good faith ...

Something else:
I am using 2.2.3 on MVS. (I spent some effort to enable it for ebcdic. It is not
finished, but the delivered document rec-..., which is 150 K of size, works
well. I even managed to make it accessible for PL/1. cobol can follow easily,
but is not yet planned.)

  Ouch, I remember receiving a patch for MVS in the past, there were serious
problems due to the fact that 'a' for example was not the value for ASCII
'a' (and hence UTF8 'a') IIRC, I'm impressed you managed to get it to work.

Here are my experiences: (You can finish this mail here if you are not

- The MVS is on an z900 with 9 processors and 7 GB memory. Both the MVS and
linux (on a notebook, 256 MB, 750 MHz) need nearly the same CPU-time parsing the
same xml.

  I'm not ready to multithread parsing ;-)

- The http- and ftp-access was not implemented.
- The internal codepage was left to UTF-8. Parsing ascii files works as well.

  I'm not sure I fully understand, but if you can parse the XML Rec in the
testsuite (which is ISO-Latin-1), then somehow ASCII and UTF8 are probably
working fine too.

- The SAX-interface was tricky, for ASCII-data comes out as ebcdic in the rigth

  i'm a bit confused too there.

- If you use code page translation of a transport software (like MQSeries) you
are occasionally busted. At least the encoding information is perverted and

  Have you tried to use libiconv for encoding support ?

- In ebcdic you cannot compare from 'A' to 'Z' (or 'a' to 'z'), for the letters
are not in a row.

  okay, that's an assumption I made in a number of place. Problem is that
comparing individually is probably quite slower...

- I am working on the permission to offer the sources to anybody interested.

  Not sure I would be able to integrate them easilly but that would be


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