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Sent: Monday, June 11, 2001 5:30 PM
Subject: Re: [xml] bug report

The one to build cleanly under cygwin for libxml2 (not the libxml1
patch, I need to redo that for you).

  The patch was outdated, I tried to make something similar for 2.3.11

And the one to emit DOCTYPE
correctly under libxslt.

  Hum, I'm not sure it's correct. it changes the result of the
tests/multiple regression and was breaking other things. Please
try 0.11.0 and provide a test describing the problem if you still
think think there is an error.

I'll check 0.11.0.

-->tests/multiple is wrong though :]. The HTML files have no DOCTYPE,
and last I checked HTML 4 requires a doctype to be a valid document.

-->What other things was it breaking? The first version I sent in broke
just about everything that piped the output, the one I attached in my
last mail was based on your suggestion of creating a HTML document, not
a XML document, and shouldn't have altered any output other than that
with multiple documents, where the document type was HTML.



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