Re: Proposal: Add a window state for "undecorated" windows

On Thursday 20 February 2014 10:23:41 Jasper St. Pierre wrote:
There's a bunch of open questions about this state. If a window is
CSD-drawn, does it include drop-shadows, or should the compositor draw

thanks for the feedback. I think there is a small misunderstanding in what I 
wanted to achieve with the proposal. It's not to come up with the ultimate way 
to handle CSD - I think it's obvious that I'm the wrong person to propose that 

The idea is really just to make a modern way for the motif hint. Whether or 
how CSD styling is done is IMHO completely orthogonal. Especially the 
consideration of shadows is something which has nothing to do with whether the 
window is decorated or not. The hint to not decorate the window is clearly 
relevant for the window manager and the styling is clearly relevant to the 
compositor. Thus it addresses two completely different parts and should IMHO 
not be mixed.


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