You should definitely say "monitor" not "screen" as the latter is
easily confused with "Screen", which as Bryce points out, often has
several monitors.

Yeah, that was bothering me, and I wasn't sure what was correct. I'll update the language to fix this.

On a broader issue, I think you are trying to tackle too narrow a
problem.  The resolution changing problem is a special case of a more
general situation - something wants to take the display hardware (or
some subset of it) away from the Window Manager, perhaps also the X
server, and existing clients, without altering their stored state.

That's a pretty heavyweight solution. It also assumes that drivers are happy to handle this case, and that GPUs are designed to do this efficiently. Neither are my area of expertise, but I suspect neither is true.

But it also stems from an incorrect assumption: I don't want to take away the display hardware from the Window Manager. In fact, I absolutely want the Window Manager involved in this. There are several decisions it needs to make and states it needs to manage, including taking the screen back if the user wants to alt-tab between applications.


That's a good question. Raster, can we repurpose this, or do you need more?


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