>>>>> "MG" == Martin Gräßlin <mgraesslin kde org> writes:

MG> Now if a game changes the resolution this gets completely destroyed.

The bug is not that full-screen apps might want to change the resolution,
it is that randr doesn't keep the virtual size constant when that occurs.

Before randr changes kept the virtual size and everything worked well.

(If a virtual size were not explicitly specified, it was implicitly the
same as the initial visible size.)

Even my 1999-design laptop's display could handle scaling w/o loss of
framerates.  The video card, OTOH, not so much.  :-/

That still holds for the hdmi lcd and the onboard video card of the
decade-more-recent box I'm sitting at now.  Whether using cpu or gpu,
up-scaling of, eg, D1 to the monitor's 1080p is *slow* compared to
what the monitor can do if the D1 is sent over the hdmi link.

The problem is that using randr to change the visual size changes the
x11 screen's dimensions, too, with fallout for WMs.  The bug needs to
be fixed either in xrandr(1) or in the X server's implmentation of the
randr spec.

James Cloos <cloos jhcloos com>         OpenPGP: 1024D/ED7DAEA6

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