Re: _NET_WM_USER_TIME reconsidered

Bill Haneman wrote:

For instance, if a switch device (not associated with XInput or emulating a mouse button) is used to drive an onscreen keyboard like GOK; or if a braille "keyboard" (which doesn't connect to the XServer as a keyboard, but has its own unique serial interface) is used to focus a GUI component or popup a window. OR if the result of interacting with such devices causes an app to post a new window via AtkAction. From the user's perspective, s/he has made a device request, but the XServer doesn't see these devices as standard keyboards or mice (or even extended XInput devices).

Probably the simplest solution that would mostly work would be to just cause a property notify in order to get a timestamp from the X server, then use that timestamp. There's a function people have been cut-and-pasting around for this, I just saw it in libgunique, I think it's in metacity and gtk also.


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