On Thu, 2005-05-26 at 17:28 -0700, Rob Adams wrote:
> You can set the property yourself with metacity and it'll work,

I believe it will work with the tasklist, but not metacity.
Look at the code:

static void
update_net_wm_state (MetaWindow *window)
  /* We know this is only on initial window creation,
   * clients don't change the property.

And indeed the comment looks correct, this function only gets called
from meta_window_new(). process_property_notify() doesn't handle a
_NET_WM_STATE change and the newfangled window-props.c doesn't have code
for it.

So by my reading metacity won't know that DEMANDS_ATTENTION is set, and
thus the first time metacity sets a new value for _NET_WM_STATE it will
drop out an app-provided DEMANDS_ATTENTION flag accidentally regardless
of what focusing has gone on.


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