Re: ICCCM breakage, IconicState, and desktops

Let me try to understand what exactly is proposed here to avoid a conflict
with the ICCCM:

WMs are encouraged to put windows which are unviewable because they are on
other desktops in IconicState, but not add _NET_WM_MINIMIZED to
_NET_WM_STATE. Windows which are unmapped because they are iconified,
shaded, minimized, etc on the other hand, are put in IconicState with
_NET_WM_MINIMIZED added to _NET_WM_STATE, right ?

Pagers can then skip iconified windows by looking for _NET_WM_MINIMIZED, not
for IconicState.

If this is really the proposal, I'm in favour of it - even though I wrote
the introductory paragraph
about IconicState for windows on other desktops being unacceptable. After
thinking a bit about it,
the main reason why it is unacceptable is that pagers and other wm
appendages which rely exclusively
on IconicState will not cooperate perfectly. But one of the main aims of the
EWMH is to enable
better cooperation between wms and such tools *if both sides support the
EWMH*.  And it won't
even be a problem for tools using private communication channels to the wm,
like the fvwm pager.


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