Re: Addition for pager layout.

John Harper <jsh unfactored org> writes:
> Havoc Pennington writes:
> |Also, on desktop login, there's a race condition where you require the
> |WM to finish launching before the pager sends its client message.
> |Obviously the desktop environment can do that, I'm not sure either one
> |really does right now. (Both launch the WM first, but neither waits
> |for the WM to definitely be done starting before proceeding, IIRC.)
> In GNOME isn't this handled by the _GSM_Priority extension? IIRC
> (though it's a while since I looked at this) apps aren't allowed to
> connect to the session manager until they're ready to handle requests
> from clients with lower priorities..?

We do have the priorities thing, but I don't think it's specified in
any detail like that. AFAIK the spec is just a couple sentences here:

Of course we could extend our extension. ;-)


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