Re: Decorations (again)

Michael ROGERS wrote:

> I think this model ("layer dictates stacking order") makes more sense than
> the "appearance dictates stacking" order model. However, I don't think the
> layers should have a different meaning for each category of windows. Maybe

I agree with this. The layer should be enough to determine the stacking. 
There should be no need for to check the window type, and other hints.

> >What do you feel about what I have outlined above?  We need to give the WM
> >enough info to handle windows according to their type (eg. Desktop and
> >panel windows may have exactly the same position, regardless of the
> >viewport), but to know where to draw the line when the list of window
> >types gets excessive.
> I think we should separate visual hints (like the main window/dialog/toolbar
> categories) from functional hints (like layers). That way we can keep the
> number of categories small while allowing a wide range of behaviours to be
> specified.


... GUI: WPS.

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