Re: Application modal transients windows

On Tue, 9 Nov 1999 wrote:
> On  9 Nov, Paul Warren scribbled:

> ->  > to be honest this is impractical.. wms have variable sizes for icon
> ->  > needs - for big icons on a dresktop, small icons in titlebars - maybe
> ->  > medium sized.... they all vary and some like the titlebar cant be fixed
> ->  > since they may depend on font size and other factors. so if a WM is to
> ->  > do it right most wms will have to scale anyway. agreed arbitarily
> ->  > scaled icons dont always look right - but no-one is goign to be willing
> ->  > to draw their icons in N diferent sizes just to please the WM or the
> ->  > user prefes so scaling has to be accepted as a way of dealing with this.
> ->  
> ->  Why not allow the app to specify more than one icon, of any size?  The WM
> ->  can then scale whichever is the closest in size.  I think in practice, the
> ->  Desktop Environment will dictate the icon sizes to be used (eg. Gnome
> ->  already uses 16x16 mini icons), apps will provide these sizes, and any
> ->  WM intending to work with that DE will probably choose to stick with those
> ->  standard sizes to avoiding scaling too often.
> thats fair enuf to provide more than one siz e- BUT sittl - a very
> small percentage of appas actually will provide more than one icon
> thats hand drawn for that size (not scaled)

Probably true.

> also remember this isant about desktop environments - it's about window
> managers and every wm sint suddently going to force all its icons ot be
> 16x16 just because gnome, or kde like that. 

Indeed.  All I was suggesting was that multiple sizes may be specified, in
order to avoid scaling if at all possible.

> the wm may have a method to have the user specify this size - thus it
> willd do whatever the user asks it to.

Yep, but Gnome/KDE-orientated window managers will probably choose to not
include this option, instead sticking to the icon size(s) dictated by the
DE that they are trying to work with, in order to minimise scaling where


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