Re: Decorations (again)

[layers discussion snipped]

OK, if we have window categories which indicate both the functional category 
and the visual category of the window (ie your suggestion of adding Desktop 
and Dock categories), and there is already a hint to distinguish urgent 
message boxes from non-urgent dialogs, do we need any layer hints at all?

Does anyone think we need more flexibility than the following hints will 
provide (except for unique cases which might be better handled on an
individual basis)?

Categories (set zero or one):

Desktop feature
Main window (default)

Hints (set zero or more):

Group modal

>I suggest that the way to stop an app being resized by the user is using
>the WM_SIZE_HINT, setting both min and max sizes to the desired size. We
>could state that a wm is free to interpret minsize == maxsize as meaning
>no-resize decorations.  An explicit no-resize functional hint would seem
>to duplicate this information, although conceivably might make programming
>at both ends easier.  What do you reckon?

Sounds very neat.  :)

Michael Rogers

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