Re: Wiican uploaded to Debian Sid.

2010/12/6 Juanje Ojeda <jojeda emergya es>:
> Hi :-)
> First... Congrats!!! and good work :-)
> El día 6 de diciembre de 2010 21:19, Matthew Grant
> <matthewgrant5 gmail com> escribió:
>> 2010/12/7 J. Félix Ontañón <fontanon emergya es>
> [...]
>>> Matthew, did you based on 0.3.1-1~getdeb1 or 0.3.1-1~getdeb2 ? The
>>> getdeb1 version got some upstream bugs, and Christoph solved it at
>>> getdeb2[1]. It's there some url's for watching the source-package and
>>> the debian sid package acceptance process?
>> Based on 0.3.1-1~getdeb2 source.  That was to do with the udev rule - that
>> had me a bit confused until I worked out that the deleted udev source file
>> was a file rename!
>> I am about to upload the git VCS of the package some where.
>> allong side wiican sounds like a good place.  How do I get write access
>> there please?
> Do you mean the VCS for the package source? the debian/ directory?
> I'd prefer no to mix upstream code and distribution packaging code,
> I'd prefer to upload to or Launchpad 8where the old
> packaging code was before.
> Thanks for the good work :-)

I don't know exactly if there's some custom in to store
source packages too. Maybe in a separately branch? I think it's a
classic to store the source packages for ubuntu on a launchpad branch
but, what about for debian?

Could someone clarify?

J. Félix Ontañón Carmona
Jefe de Proyecto

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