Re: Wiican uploaded to Debian Sid.


2010/12/7 J. Félix Ontañón <fontanon emergya es>
Great work, Matthew!

Getting wiican into Debian Sid will be really good for achieving
amounts of users. I can confirm Christoph has been making a really
good job packaging wiican into getdeb.

Christoph, i'm sure  wiican-team will be pleased if you accept to
become the wiican debian package maintainer, so it relies on you but,
anyway, let me thank you for your concern.
See the email I wrote him - I thought it would be good to offer him the opportunity, and I have heard back from Joao Pinto from that they are good with us using their packaging.

Matthew, did you based on 0.3.1-1~getdeb1 or 0.3.1-1~getdeb2 ? The
getdeb1 version got some upstream bugs, and Christoph solved it at
getdeb2[1]. It's there some url's for watching the source-package and
the debian sid package acceptance process?
Based on 0.3.1-1~getdeb2 source.  That was to do with the udev rule - that had me a bit confused until I worked out that the deleted udev source file was a file rename!

I am about to upload the git VCS of the package some where. allong side wiican sounds like a good place.  How do I get write access there please?


Matthew Grant



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