Re: [Vala] [Having fun with Vala] Multiboot kernel using Vala!

"Michael 'Mickey' Lauer"
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Am Wednesday 11 February 2009 17:49:26 schrieb Alessandro Pellizzari:
Il giorno mar, 10/02/2009 alle 11.27 +0000, Sam Liddicott ha scritto:
I think that is great.

I'm determined to write a netfilter kernel module in vala.

It would be cool to write a clutter-based wm completely in Vala, but I
think it lacks xlibs vapi.

Nothing that can't be added.

Actually there is xcb bug opened:

xcb seems to be much more usable - escpecially since it can be created
from XML files.

It also list a few problems (as xcb uses multinheritance).

I've probably left my head... somewhere. Please wait untill I find it.
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