Re: [Utopia] Re: [Gnome-Power-Devel] power mgmt in GNOME; requirements?

On Tue, 2005-04-19 at 17:30 -0400, Daniel Gryniewicz wrote:
> Some people (notably me) close the lid because they're carying their
> laptop to another place (say, desk to conference room), and would be
> quite put out if something went and suspended it for them.   I see no
> reason to automatically suspend just because the lid is closed,
> especially when Windows doesn't do that out of the box.  I have no
> problem with it being an option, but only if it's turned off by default.

What about if STR worked out of the box? I mean, really worked well
insofar that all your applications wouldn't misbehave? Then I think we
wouldn't even have this conversation :-). 

I only suggested that when that day comes, in a 1000 years give or take
a few, we go ahead and remove the option to not automatically do this.
As one who works for a distributor, I can assure you that "suspend on
lid close" will not be on by default in Fedora anytime soon. Which is
kind of sad.

You may also note that when most x86 laptops runs in APM mode, they
automatically suspend (without OS/kernel intervention) when the lid is
closed. That's because the OS doesn't participate much in power
management in that scenario.


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