Re: [Usability] Tab implementation review

On Sat, 2009-02-14 at 22:46 +0100, Florian Ludwig wrote:

> The right-click:
> I expect nothing to open or change if I right click something but show
> me a menu what I could do but don't do anything so far. Similar to right
> clicking the "location button list" in nautilus, a link in epiphany or a
> window in the window-list.

Hmm.  Do you expect a file in nautilus to be selected when you
right-click? Because that's what's happens (and that behaviour is the
same on most other platforms I can think of)...

In fact, I thought there was a HIG guideline somewhere that said right
click should mean "select and show context menu", but I can't find it
right now.  Assuming there is, though, it sounds like we're saying it's
not as simple as that.  So what should the guideline be instead?


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