Re: [Usability] Tab implementation review

On Fri, 2009-02-13 at 14:55 +0100, Olav Vitters wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 04:24:36PM +0000, Allan Day wrote:
> > Eek! Never noticed that before! Agreed - most uncomfortable. Right
> mouse
> > button should == context menu. Nothing else.
> Disagree. If it isn't used, then I don't see the problem of having it
> work the same as the other button. Actually nice whenever you use a
> computer for a few minutes where the buttons have been switched around
> (e.g. left handed one if you're right handed).
I think using a right-handed mouse left-handed and the other way around
is not a case to optimize for, the user will notice at the first or
second click and will adapt it or just change the settings.

Btw, With gnome-terminal and epiphany this never bugged my in any way -
because I never used the context menu there as there are not much
functionality I access this way.

In nautilus I expected tabs be more like folders and the "location
button bar" (no idea how you call it). I expected to get the same menu
(which I didn't buts that is another story) and also first time noticed
right clicking is focusing the tab.

The right-click:
I expect nothing to open or change if I right click something but show
me a menu what I could do but don't do anything so far. Similar to right
clicking the "location button list" in nautilus, a link in epiphany or a
window in the window-list.

Right clicking the title bar of a window focuses the window and right
clicking a folder in nautilus selects it.

Its a bit like... is tab to tab-content more like 
 a) window to window-list-entry
 or b) window to window-title-bar


While it "feels wrong" for me that the tab is focused as I think of tabs
as the little brother of the window list or similar to nautilus
"location button list" I think we should look at the use cases of the
context menu to form an opinion.

If there would be functions in nautilus like "paste into folder" or
"properties" I would expect them to not focus the tab. Would you? Would
you not?

Right now there are just two functions in the context menu everywhere:
 * move left / right
 * close tab

 * Moving a window with left mouse focuses the window and it "feels
   right" to me and I guess to most people it does.

 * Closing a tab should not change the focus I got right now (like 
   clicking the X on the tab itself).

What other use-cases of the context menu of tabs will show up? Should
come up in future?


PS Note (and maybe a bug?) on closing a tab with right mouse 
   - in nautilus
      it focuses the clicked tab, when you right click and if you
      click "close" it goes back to the tab you came from
   - in epiphany
      it focuses the clicked tab and sometimes goes back to the tab you
      came from after clicking "close". Not sure what the logic behind,
      maybe just a bug.

PSS Allan, you filled/found any bug report about it?

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