Re: [Usability] Tab implementation review

On Tue, 2009-02-10 at 12:16 +0000, Allan Day wrote:
> Advantages: clean, simple interface. Apps look very minimal without it,
> which can be nice. Makes learning the basics of the interface easier
> (since it is simpler). Conforms to current practice amongst GNOME apps.
> Disadvantages: makes tab functionality less discoverable. Means that it
> isn't possible to introduce additional functionality to the tab bar.
> Clicking on empty space in the tab bar could trigger the creation of a
> new tab, for example. Or it might be possible to drag tabs and windows
> from elsewhere into the tab bar. (Maybe the first step is to decide
> whether this functionality is desirable?)

I would want to be able to drop tabs from window to another to combine
them.  Pidgin does this.

Mackenzie Morgan
apt-get moo

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