Re: [Usability] Reaching Users

Quoting mac_v <drkvi-a yahoo com>:
It is really easy to preach but its difficult to follow , i guess.

While you so passionately talk about the usability not being taken care
of and call for more involvement from the community , you need to be
willing to do your part for the community too.

Why i mention this is due to your reluctance to respond to your bug
reports and just say you lost interest >

It was two and a half years later that they were looked at. Two and a half years. That's five Ubuntu releases. I'd have to find a box, download the distro, install it, replicate the original conditions, test it and then report back.

On Thu, 2009-12-10 at 08:51 +0000, kerberos piestar net wrote:
It was an automated reply two and a half years later.  Obviously I
wasn't interested anymore as I wasn't using it anymore.  Who's to say
that if I did as it suggested it wouldn't give me the same autoreply
in another two years?

Just an FYI , those bug report replies are not automated responses.
They are scripted responses from people who have taken time to read your
bug report. Granted it took time for them to respond , but that does not
minuscule their effort. Atleast they responded.

They looked automated to me. To be honest I only saw the replies long after they were posted when I went in to have a look. I don't generally keep updated on the process of my bug reports a quarter of a decade later.

All you had to do was to reply "Yes , the problem still exists."

I had no idea if the problem still existed as I no longer was using the software. I reported it with details - I consider my job 'done' at that point unless further details are asked for in a timely fashion.

I certainly think it is unfair to complain about me not tracking the bugs for years until they were solved. I alerted them there was a problem with doing A on software B, job done. It's not up to me to hang around to find out if the problem still exists on software C, D, E or F.

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