Re: [Usability] Reaching Users

Quoting Olav Vitters <olav bkor dhs org>:

but few can contribute code - which seems to be the sole focus.

In case you're not aware: Yes, it is a meritocracy. Don't see how this
is a sole problem of Free Software though.

No closed source development project I have ever been involved in could ever be described as a meritocracy, unless you consider the ability to pay me as 'merit'. If a project manager, tester or anyone else doesn't like something I have to fix it - it's not up to me. Even when I have done independant contracts if the customer doesn't like something they generally just withold payment until it's fixed. I simply don't have the option of saying no or ignoring user complaints - and to be honest the software is better for it.

Don't want to be negative, but I guess you have some pet peeve you want
fixed asap and nobody looked at it?

My pet peeve is that despite grand gestures and statements the closest that any Linux distro has come to taking usability seriously is talking about a new theme. It's been half a decade since I started talking about the serious usability problems in open source.

I do want to help, but I suppose I have just become jaded due to the apparent lack of progress and the lack of seriousness with which the problem is treated. All I am trying to do is identify, from my experience, where I think the problems lie.

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