Re: [Usability] Cheap Open Source Morae Alternative

I got the trial version of Morae Manager. Apparently, Morae is composed of three apps. Other than the Manager, it has a "Recorder" and an "Observer". The Manager is in charge of analyzing, graphing, and presenting the data. If I understand correctly, Morae is split in three apps only because they are sold separately. In other words, we do not really have have to split our app into three ;)

After testing the Morae apps, I'll come up with mockups made with Balsamiq. I hope, everyone's comfortable with that software so we can exchange Balsamiq files. After all, they give free licenses to open source contributors (that's how I got mine :D)

It would be nice if our project can already have a home. Something upstream would be nice so everyone can be comfortable. For now, let's think of a name for the new project. I'm thinking of something that will give people the impression that it's built to be the bridge between devs and typical end users. hmmm

Btw, who else is interested? Everyone's welcome. :D


2009/12/10 Allan caeg <allancaeg gmail com>
I don't know how to set up anything on too.  It would be nice if someone sets something up or shares/gives access to an existing one.

I got a trial copy of Morae. I'll go back to it later.

Btw, you may be interested in the answers of UX people to this question on UX Exchange


On Thursday, 10 December, 2009 05:20 PM, Ivanka Majic wrote:
On Wed, 2009-12-09 at 08:02 -0500, Máirín Duffy wrote:
On Wed, 2009-12-09 at 18:15 +0800, Allan Caeg wrote:
Cool! Game!

I'll take a look at some apps to have some inspirations for me to
propose some wireframes. Too bad I don't have a Mac to test Silverback.
Good thing I can try Morae for free! I'll test it when I already have
the access to Windows.
Oh another idea I had for this - since this is something I have been
thinking about as well - there is a format called 'CMML' [1] with which
you can set timestamp-based markers in video. You can set these markers
using gstreamer. But we don't have players to understand them. I was
thinking it would be awesome to be able to set markers in the video file
(eg. task #1 starts now, task #2 starts now, point of interest A, point
of interest B) using the CMML format, and then opening up the video in
totem and writing a totem plugin so that the bookmarks show up in the
totem sidebar and you can click on them to jump through the video. Or
when rendering the video you could use them to render the video into
chunks based on the bookmark.
Sounds great.
For now, feel free to propose features and wireframes/mockups. Where do
you want to make this happen, on the Screenie Launchpad page? Is
everyone involved comfortable with Launchpad? I am.
I am not comfortable with Launchpad. I would much rather prefer
something upstream at

Is this something you can set up and share and give access to? Can I do
it? What do we need to do?





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