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Imagine this.  (Cont'd)

A user is reading a long web page.  There is only one frame on screen- the
actual page, and the scroll bars.  The user moves his/her mouse to the top
or bottom of the frame, and an entire slew of options becomes visible.  I
think that separating windows by their components could make for a variety
of interesting possibilities.  Or this: Someone's typing something.  They
have some transparency behind the document, but the controls portion of the
window is completely opaque.

Or maybe this:

A person has two tabs in Firefox, but they wish to see them at the same
time.  So they open one, and drag it onto the desktop, where its frame just
sits there.  When they select it, the top (or bottom) of the previous window
disappears, and appears again above the selected frame.  After not being
used for a few seconds, it auto hides.  This could reduce visual noise, and
give an elegant finish to a desktop environment.

But like I say, I'm new here, and I may just not know what I'm talking
about.  But I want to, so I'm more than happy to get all the explanation and
correction I need, should you graciously decide to give it.

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