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Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2007 15:48:52 -0600
From: Ethan Anderson <ethana2 gmail com>
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Subject: Re: [Usability] Usability Digest, Vol 33, Issue 9

I've used a few distros, mainly the Fedora Core 4, 5, and SuSE 10.1

By "this software", I'm trying to say Gnome, or KDE, which gnome is not.
(It kind of bugs me we (the open source community) have redundant code like
that- It dilutes our coding efforts.)

Here's some background on me.  People say I think too much.  As far as
programming languages, I know TI-BASIC, and a little bit of C and ASM.  My
philosophy on software is thus:

If it's not GNU, it doesn't exist.  The way to make good software is to lay
down platform guidelines until the size of the text matches or exceeds the
size of the code needed to turn it into reality.  This methodical
deliberation allows those who don't know Python to contribute to
functionality.  People should only need to be able to think logically, and
understand IT (grasp concepts like modularity, interrupts, and flags.)

I, um, think outside the box, I guess.  Or something like that.  I'm new
here, so my phrasing may be quite awkward.  As demonstrated already-  By
"window controls" I'm referring to user interface devices inside of
application windows.  I probably shouldn't have.  Anyway.
In Firefox, these would include the adress bar, tabs bar, back, forward, and
other buttons, StumbleUpon button, etc.

I'm saying that I think that this segment of the window, that is the part
with all the buttons and text fields, should be handed over to some kind of
DE controller and library.  That is, Apps should not render their own
windows.  This sounds ridiculous, I know, but imagine this:

Will continue soon*

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