Re: [Usability] "Correct" Windows, KDE button order?

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On Fri, 5 Jan 2007, Celeste Lyn Paul wrote:

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> Subject: Re: [Usability] "Correct" Windows,
>      KDE button order? (was: Re: alternative button order: Why don't we
>     auto-guess the alternative order by default if appropriate?)
> I'm missing part of the conversation, but is this  Portland Project
> discussion?

It seems like a Gtk/Qt discussion, with a little bit of checking first on
what exactly we have all inherited from Windows and Apple and making sure
that is what we really want and asking the GTK developers really nicely.

see the section on Desktop Integration (includes button order)
which no doubt will have a significant impact on KDE

The approach of GTK requiring developers to specify an alternative button
order does look saft and technically correct but highly optimistic since
it pushes the work out of the toolkit to many individual developers.
Automating the whole problem like QT does seems like the best answer for
the most possible people, and provides valuable consistency and far
simpler implementation and maintaince.


Alan Horkan

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