Re: [Usability] "Correct" Windows, KDE button order? (was: Re: alternative button order: Why don't we auto-guess the alternative order by default if appropriate?)

On Friday 05 January 2007 8:13, Christian Neumair wrote:
>   Help,Default,User3,User2,User1,Ok,Apply|Try,Cancel|Close
> i.e. we would have OK/Apply/Cancel,

yes, kde keeps apply nearer OK while windows puts Cancel in the middle of 
them. which is slightly odd, but traditional on the windows platform at this 
point. the Ok/Cancel order is generally similar, however.

note that cancel/close being on the right goes along with other "get me out of 
here" ui elements such as the traditional placement of the close button in 
the window titlebutton

> So it looks like we should be able to adapt to the major desktop
> environments. 

kde already provides support for this. kdialog supports the button order of 
the current desktop via QDialonButtonBox and marking the buttons properly 
according to role (yes-, no-, reject-, acion-role, etc). so what you suggest 
is completely plausible and it would be a welcome addition for those who are 
running gtk+ apps in, for example, KDE. this inconsistency has been one of 
those things that really degrades the user experience for many people who 
have little idea about toolkit difference and who frankly couldn't care less 
even if they did. =)

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