Re: [Usability] File Dialog Add/Remove Places Mockup

On Sat, Feb 24, 2007 at 01:58:16PM +0100, David Christian Berg wrote:
> > The icon-buttons are about exactly that. Offering discoverability  
> > without wasting space.
> I guess this is just, where we disagree :) I don't think they are discoverable.

If you just say there might be a problem with expectations, ok.
But to say buttons on screen are not discoverable ...?

I'd say, if something sets the right expectations, you might call 
that intuitive. Discoverable to me means that functionality can be 
found and how easy that is. While always present buttons would 
score higher, I can't accept a claim it's zero here.

> > The Places list has a header. So I must conclude that I have no idea what 
> > you are talking about. Care to make a mockup? :)
> I see it having one in your mockups, but it doesn't on my computer.
> Defintely doesn't.
> I'm running Debian unstable... But I guess we are actually talking about
> the same thing.

Hmm. Gnome 2.16.3, GTK+ 2.10.9
Guess I should have posted 'current' screenshots to show from where 
I started :)
And I can only hope things in development havn't changed all that.

Thorsten Wilms

Thorwil's Creature Illustrations:

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