Re: [Usability] File Dialog Add/Remove Places Mockup


Frankly, if only the add button was _only_ active, when one can actually
add bookmark (I think it should be disabled, when the places list is
active) and had a bookmark icon, instead of a plus, I think this would
really be enough.
I don't like the idea of the icons changing. This doesn't seem to be
more discoverable to me.
The other idea with the buttons in between seems quite tempting.
However, I don't think the image of _moving_ something is what we should
promote (hence now arrow. We should use the bookmarks concept of
browsers. So I definitely see the "Places" or "Bookmarks" header in that
list. That explains.

Hmm, I must getting this idea: I know it's not quite easy to do in GTK,
but why not have to icons aligned right in the header: One bookmark icon
and one trash icon. One is active, when one can add a bookmark, the
other one, if one is selected and you can delete it.

Just my two cent.

Take care!


On Fri, 2007-02-23 at 22:01 +0100, Thorsten Wilms wrote:
> Hi!
> > Anyway:
> >
> And an alternative, showing buttons over the folder icons 
> for selected items:

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