Re: [Usability] Three dialog problems

On Feb 21, 2007, at 10:36 AM, Rodney Dawes wrote:
One thing that has come up in usability testing in the Novell Cambridge, MA office, is that the end users who we ended up testing that were Mac users, did Drag & Drop, while those that were Windows users, did Right Click.

Both of them are originally designed to be "advanced" user actions, to
speed up the flow of interaction.

Where did you get the idea that Apple designed drag-and-drop to be an advanced action? It has always been the only way to move files from one folder to another, for example. (Other than using the Terminal or a third-party file manager.)

However, given that almost all users do them now, trying to call them advanced, and pushing to avoid them, is probably not the best interest to have.

I've found that the easiest answer for people who ask me "left or right button?" every few seconds is "just use the left button for everything".

Why isn't there a check box outside the right-click menu to show hidden files? :)

There should be, in a menu that also contains a "Connect to Server..." item plus "Eject" items for each removable device. (If you're going to have a separate filepicker at all, forcing people back to the file manager for those actions is just being aggravating.)

Matthew Paul Thomas

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