Re: [Usability] Re: [Desktop_architects] Printing dialog and GNOME

Mateusz Łoskot wrote:
> Tomasz Janowitz wrote:
> ...
>>I don't exactly understand. So why is it you can't use MC? If there is a
>>tool, and versatile one (accessible in CLI), then why not just use it ?
>>There is at least one more alternative: tuxcmd. It has the basic
>>functionality one would expect from TC-like app.
> First, MC is console based.
> Second, every other TC-like manager for Linux does not fit GNOME well.
> Please, try to imagine why Krusader (
> project has been started. As its overview says "file manager for KDE" what
> implies it fits (will) KDE well.

So you probably answered yourself a question. Krusader is not a part of
Konqueror. It's another app. But you're right, that it fits it's
environment. So, I must admit I also would like to see TC-like file manager
that fits well with gnome DE, but I can\t say it's crucial, or _that_
importing, if you have alternatives.

> No, I don't want to fight, I use GNOME extensively and I will, but I will
> complain I have to do simple tasks slower than on Windows(!).

Be more specific. I also "use GNOME extensivle and I will". But if you
say,that you accomplish some tasks under Windows, than i must say I'm
puzzled (becouse I stronly disagree). Again, elaborate. I know that GNOME
isn't perfect, but if you want sth to change for better, you have to
buttress your claims saying what is missing and  why, not just complain.

>>>The way GNOME is following seems to be Microsoft's way whose designers
>>>even got rid of usable console.
>>Better hardly usable console, than non at all :) .
> Yup, but please note that Microsoft get wiser and is releasing MSH
> ( So, I see it as a kind of
> evolution in Microsoft: from dumb clickability*** to powerful
> keyability***.
> *** - these are a kind of my own invention, I even don't know if such
> words are in english dictionary, but I like them :-)))

I also think there is no such words in english dictionary. First: don't
patent it. Make it GPL :) . Second: I like them too.

>>One think that comes to my mind is that Nautilus is primirily used with
>>the icon view.
>>And icons occupy substantial amount of space. And don't forget
>>you have a side pane.
> It doesn't change anything. You still have to click or use
> hundreds-of-tabs to move around :-)

Well not exactly. You only have to click 'ctrl+l' to get back your 'normal'
path in location bar (you can even have it all the time if you want)
(that's not that much if you really want to make extensive use of
keyboard), when you are in file open dialog, just start typing. What
exactly you can't do ? I don't think it's that bad. I actually don't see
that someone is forcing on me mouse clicking instead of keyboard navigation
(although there are some glitches here and there).

> Yes, I did some research and try some development for OpenSpace
> ( but that's not exactly what I'm looking for.
> May be I will find some time to write TC for Linux :-)

Well, I just looked at their demo video and i must's awfully
mouse-intensive. Why is that, if it is supposed to be keyboard-friendly ?

Kind Regards.

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