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Tomasz Janowitz wrote:
> Mind you i am _not_ a developer and i can only speak for myself.
>> IMO, that way you don't care about advanced users.
>> Advanced users are forced to use GNOME as non-professionals or even
>> beginners. Have you every tried to count all (unnecessary) clicks you
>> have
>> to do in GNOME to do simple task? It's annoying just like in Microsoft
>> Windows.
> Agreed. But people often don't use basic functionality incorporated in
> current version of gnome - like this stuff with typing path in file open
> dialog (i didn't know it either until recently).

Yes and No :-)
Such "often" usually causes neverending threads on usenet.
I just wanted to expand Linus' opinon about GNOME's "interface nazis"
because I have similar feeling.

>> [...]
>> MC or TC are powerful and provide users with extremely fast way to
>> accomplish all tasks, and no discussion about it.
> I don't exactly understand. So why is it you can't use MC? If there is a
> tool, and versatile one (accessible in CLI), then why not just use it ?
> There is at least one more alternative: tuxcmd. It has the basic
> functionality one would expect from TC-like app.

First, MC is console based.
Second, every other TC-like manager for Linux does not fit GNOME well.
Please, try to imagine why Krusader (
project has been started. As its overview says "file manager for KDE" what
implies it fits (will) KDE well.
Third, I'd be glad if I could be told by GNOME developers simply "Why not
to do this or this" and I'd be glad to get clear pros and cons, but not
just something what proofs "interface nazism" :-)
No, I don't want to fight, I use GNOME extensively and I will, but I will
complain I have to do simple tasks slower than on Windows(!).
And because of what?

>> The way GNOME is following seems to be Microsoft's way whose designers
>> even got rid of usable console.
> Better hardly usable console, than non at all :) .

Yup, but please note that Microsoft get wiser and is releasing MSH
( So, I see it as a kind of
evolution in Microsoft: from dumb clickability*** to powerful

*** - these are a kind of my own invention, I even don't know if such
words are in english dictionary, but I like them :-)))

> One think that comes to my mind is that Nautilus is primirily used with
> the icon view.
> And icons occupy substantial amount of space. And don't forget
> you have a side pane.

It doesn't change anything. You still have to click or use
hundreds-of-tabs to move around :-)

> If you made a mirror image of this window within the
> same horizontal resolution, the effect would be probably not desirable.
> I don't think there is a simple method of extending nautilus functionality
> to that of MC.
> And i'm not sure if it was any good doing so.

I think it could be possible. I believe model is mostly separated from UI.
But that's another story.

> Use tuxcmd, MC
> or write your own app. :)

Yes, I did some research and try some development for OpenSpace
( but that's not exactly what I'm looking for.
May be I will find some time to write TC for Linux :-)


Mateusz Łoskot

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