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Tomasz Janowitz wrote:
> Mateusz Łoskot wrote:
>> No, I don't want to fight, I use GNOME extensively and I will, but I
>> will
>> complain I have to do simple tasks slower than on Windows(!).
> Be more specific. I also "use GNOME extensivle and I will". But if you
> say,that you accomplish some tasks under Windows, than i must say I'm
> puzzled (becouse I stronly disagree).
> Again, elaborate. I know that GNOME
> isn't perfect, but if you want sth to change for better, you have to
> buttress your claims saying what is missing and  why, not just complain.

So, let's do simple test.
How long would it take for you to create new file myfile.txt using Nautilus?
I count it this way:
Phase 1:
-move your hand from keyboard to mouse
-right click
-move mouse to New file option
-left click
Phase 2:
-move your hand from mouse to keyboard
-write file name
-push ENTER

I'll do it times faster using Total Commander+UnixUtils on Windows or
Midnight Commander on Unix.
Simply, just write: touch myfile and push ENTER.

The same analysis applies to almost all tasks: unpacking one or more files
(TC -> simple ALT+F9 and you've got it), moving around many folders, etc.

When you connect all those atomic (copy, move, change dir, list file,
etc.) operations with powerfull UI (two panes, TC-like tabs, command line
at the bottom) you can work faster and faster.

>>>>The way GNOME is following seems to be Microsoft's way whose designers
>>>>even got rid of usable console.
>>>Better hardly usable console, than non at all :) .
>> Yup, but please note that Microsoft get wiser and is releasing MSH
>> ( So, I see it as a kind of
>> evolution in Microsoft: from dumb clickability*** to powerful
>> keyability***.
>> *** - these are a kind of my own invention, I even don't know if such
>> words are in english dictionary, but I like them :-)))
> I also think there is no such words in english dictionary. First: don't
> patent it. Make it GPL :) .

Don't worry, I won't do it for sure :-)

>  Second: I like them too.

That's a language evolution, hehe.

> I don't think it's that bad. I actually don't see
> that someone is forcing on me mouse clicking instead of keyboard
> navigation
> (although there are some glitches here and there).

See my example about two-panes + command line.
Nowadays, we live in _visual_ times.
What I mean in files browsing?
I mean most of us like to see content of folders, files properties,etc.
Second, many of us prefer to use keyboard than mouse.
So, I state that TC-like UI connects both.
You have complete visualization of your filesystem + you can use keyboard
to do all tasks you need. Just as using old-good console, but with better
visualization (you don't have to run ls comamnd to see content of folder).
Why does it make you faster?
First, keybaord is always faster than mouse.
Second, you get better reliability because of this nice graphical
visualizations of what you are doing. In example, if you want to create
file, then you can do it running: touch /path/
and you don't need to run: ls .  to check if this file is create where you
expect, because you see it in the pane. Every assurance comes from the
screen, you don't have to take further steps to do any check.

It's hard to explain it for me in english but I believe you get what I mean.

>> Yes, I did some research and try some development for OpenSpace
>> ( but that's not exactly what I'm looking for.
>> May be I will find some time to write TC for Linux :-)
> Well, I just looked at their demo video and i must's awfully
> mouse-intensive. Why is that, if it is supposed to be keyboard-friendly?

It's pre-alpha version.
I'm not an author of that so it is my aim to change it.
Note, OpenSpace development got stopped for a while I think.

Mateusz Łoskot

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