Re: [Usability] Re: [Desktop_architects] Printing dialog and GNOME

Mind you i am _not_ a developer and i can only speak for myself.

> IMO, that way you don't care about advanced users.
> Advanced users are forced to use GNOME as non-professionals or even
> beginners. Have you every tried to count all (unnecessary) clicks you have
> to do in GNOME to do simple task? It's annoying just like in Microsoft
> Windows.

Agreed. But people often don't use basic functionality incorporated in
current version of gnome - like this stuff with typing path in file open
dialog (i didn't know it either until recently).

> A few months ago I tried to convince Nautilus (which is one of the most
> important component of GNOME) developers to take a look at two panel file
> manager like Total Commander ( or even Midnight
> Commander and try to implement similar functionality to Nautilus. I'd
> imagine Nautilus provides two ways of usage: Windows Explorer-like and
> two-panes Commander-like way.
> And?
> They (Nautilus Dev Team) said Windows Explorer-like manager is a modern
> and usable manager and if I don't like it I can use MC or something else.
> Simply, I don't get it!
> MC or TC are powerful and provide users with extremely fast way to
> accomplish all tasks, and no discussion about it.

I don't exactly understand. So why is it you can't use MC ? If there is a
tool, and versatile one (accessible in CLI), then why not just use it ?
There is at least one more alternative: tuxcmd. It has the basic
functionality one would expect from TC-like app.

> The way GNOME is following seems to be Microsoft's way whose designers
> even got rid of usable console.

Better hardly usable console, than non at all :) .

One think that comes to my mind is that Nautilus is primirily used with the
icon view. And icons occupy substantial amount of space. And don't forget
you have a side pane. If you made a mirror image of this window within the
same horizontal resolution, the effect would be probably not desirable. I
don't think there is a simple method of extending nautilus functionality to
that of MC. And i'm not sure if it was any good doing so. Use tuxcmd, MC or
write your own app. :)

Kind Regards.

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