Re: [Usability] Volume Control Consistency between Rhythmbox and Totem

Boris Goldowsky wrote:

On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 12:28 +0200, Reinout van Schouwen wrote:

This brings me to the concept of the Sensible GNOME Volume Control: each
opened program that accesses the sound server makes itself known
(preferably via DBUS with fallback for non-GNOME programs). The SGVC then
shows sliders for each of those processes...

Yes!  That's precisely what I've been wishing for since I started
putting music on my computer.  If programs have individual volume
controls, that's fine (if done consistently, as the original poster was
suggesting), but some programs that send sounds (such as Gaim, or gnome
event sounds) don't and shouldn't have volume controls in their
interfaces.  Seeing all sound-sending programs in the volume control
applet's "mixer" would be great, and far more usable than the current mixer

although this might be a good idea, couldn't it get confusing, if I am running a few audio applications (for sound engineering) this could get very confusing. Perhaps a slider affecting all MP3s/oggs, a slider for movies (ie DVDs and mpegs) and then a seperate slider for system sounds (i.e gaim). This would require applications to register the type of output with gnome before beginning playback (thus creating problems for programmer as to what type of audio output) but allows grouping of "volume types".

An extension to this idea would the allowing of custom sliders to be created by applications, but this should be discouraged and displayed seperatetly somehow.

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