Re: [Usability] Getting rid of Open and Save entirely?

> Opening another file in the same application is very simple with drag
> and drop (and should also be trivial using the context menu). I wonder
> if a "File->Open Folder" item would be useful. This would make it
> trivial to open (or bringt to front) the folder where the current
> document is located in, without keeping it open all the time. In any
> case, I don't see why you need dialogs for this.

I usually like an app to be maximized, so there's no space to drag and
drop a file from a nautilus window.
But I quite like the idea of having a window opening up, from which you
can drag and drop, because this makes it easy to open several files
which are in different directories. But I'd suggest it to be an option,
not a must, because I find it quite weird to be closing, just closing, a
newly opend window (the dialog), without any other action applying when
closing. What I'm saying is, that I would still want to be able to
select a file and press a ok button afterwards.
I also can't see yet, how you would be doing the save dialog. And as I
said, due to accessibility the open and save window should look the


PS.: Why is everybody always refering to file->open? I usually use the
open button, if there is on in the toolbar.

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